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aber durfte man unternehmen,
eine Liebe zu traeumen, die man
nicht ernstlich leben will?
Simone de Beauvoir


This must be the room where she sleeps. A large room containing very few things. A soft carpet covers the floor and as you walk across the room to the bed near the windows you sink in. The bed is as simple and modest as the rest of this room. It is just standing there and all of a sudden you feel tired wishing you could simply stay here and rest for a while.

But that is not what you came here for. There is a small table beside the bed. Several books are piled onto it. The one on top is a green clothbound volume with thick pages covered with ink. As you start reading the first pages you realize this must be her diary.

You try to take in every little detail: the carpet, the bed, the lifesize mirror, the elegant chair, the silk curtains, the impressionist paintings on the walls - copies or originals you cannot say ...

But then you notice the papers spread out on the bed:


Report on Subject #23, Clearing 5:
Current Address:  Sonja Pieper
                  Durlacher Allee 28
                  76131 Karlsruhe

Family Address:   Max Beckmann Strasse 16
                  76227 Karlsruhe

Other occupants:  Ulrich Mohr (#25), Argirios Pergiannakis (#34)

Telephone:        0721-9664910

eMail:            sonja.pieper@gmx.de, unnh@rz.uni-karlsruhe.de

Birthday:         27.07.1977

Place of Birth:   Karlsruhe

Nationality:      German

Siblings:         Julia Pieper (see Family)

Occupation:       Student of Computer Science, 4th year
                  HiWi at ILKD, Universität Karlsruhe

Languages:        German, English, French, Latin

Known Hobbies:    Computers, Roleplaying Games, Writing (Diaries, Poetry)
                  Reading, Talking on the Phone, Skiing, Cooking

Other Names:      Cassandra Clein, Esclarmonde de Carcassonne, Jane Croft,
                  Laura R., Deirdre y Costello, Maya Yamashina, Yashima Hanfner, 
                  Katchoo, Maureen White, Myranda, Storm, Constanze v. Selinunt,
                  Aliena, Gonzo, Alix

Other Havens:     Informatikgebaeude Uni Ka, Z10, Schauburg, Hagsfelder Allee 10

Missing:          We were not able to keep up surveillance from August 1993
                  until July 1994. #23 spent these 11 months as a so-called
                  exchange  student in  Detroit, Michigan. We are sure that
                  she continued her conspiratory activities from there.

Briefing:         Since entering university her madness might have grown
                  to unknown proportions; it is strongly advised to be very
                  careful in dealing with subject #23. 

Note:             All data concerning #23 is Top Secret and only available
                  for service members with a security clearing of 5 or

The following pieces of evidence were found in the subjects apartment
during a search for incriminating material, more information on #23
can be found on the other pages of this report, a lot of which has been
produced by herself:

Exhibit #1: Quotations

Note: These quotations may be able to tell us a lot about #23 if we look closely.

Exhibit #2: Diary

Note: We have tried to examine this text but we had to give up due to strange headaches we were getting while reading. We are sure that this unnatural power exhibited by this strange piece of text is exactly what we are looking for.

Exhibit #3: List of Contacts

Note: This list of people might be very helpful in finding and surveilling #23. There is also information about her actions and plans in this piece of evidence. Especially since we have neither found her actual addressbook nor any kind of calendar.

Exhibit #4: Family Tree

Note: This is the famous family tree which attributes to all those weird covers under which #23 and her associates have been operating.

Exhibit #5: A Notebook

Note: We are not quite sure what to do with this piece of weirdness. It might indeed contain further information on the conspiracy and its organization, who is involved in it and who might further help us uncover #23's doings.

Exhibit #6: A Collection of Poems

Note: These are obviously several poems written by subject #23. Maybe we can find out more about her state of mind through these.

Exhibit #7: The Creation of Evidence

Note: This is a paper about how subject #23 set about creating all this evidence and what led to her decicion to become a criminal uhm computer scientist.

Author: S|S