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why be depressed, dumb and agitated
when you can be happy, smart and tranquil?
Hagbard Celine
The Abolition of Stupidity

The Cellar

The stairs down from the kitchen are steep and slippery smooth. You nearly fall a couple of times while climbing down. Now your eyes are slowly adjusting to the dark - there is no light down here at all. The air is cold and damp and you believe that you just heard a really strange noise somewhere in here or rather over there hopefully.

You know that somewhere down here must be an entrance to the secret catacombs but all you can make out are a few shelves containing bottles and food. Some of the bottles on the shelves have a thick layer of dust on them. In the middle of the room you can perceive what must have been the latest delivery of groceries: several boxes, a few bags and a small oak barrel.

In the back there is a table that would look like a workbench if it wasn't so clean and empty. No it is not clean: there seem to be several blotches of color on it which you can identify as a rusty red as you examine them close up.

And there is a sheet of paper on the table:


Experiments completed:

27/04/00more new quotes for the notebook and more new quotes for feng shui
18/04/00the notebook rants, the feng shui page, the movies and the diary. I might be adding the page on ES, or well IT things that scare me. I also corrected a few facts on the family tree a few days ago.
27/03/00chapter twenty four and twenty five
23/03/00added a new diary chapter. Yet another chapter to our feng shui campaign. A few more graphix headings.
19/03/00updated the movie critics (with the last six months worth of movies). Now I have also added javascript. There is a page about our Feng Shui Campaign now.
18/03/00I have added a few pictures to the Family Tree and I added nearly all of the poems I ever wrote to the Poetry Page. Oh and there are NEWS on the family page too. Sowie aktuelle Gebote fuer Rollands LA Klausur.
17/02/00today I will start updating the different parts of the library and the notebook that can be found in my haven.
10/02/00changed some of the "signature" texts for the "rooms" to fit more the mood I am imagining. Like the one of the haven. I will have to make one for every single page I guess. I should keep the old page as a download.
08/02/00 fixed the sitemap script to fit the new organization and started changing all the pages according to the new folders (there are none any more)
26/01/00 a redesign I might call it. a whole new page which is called library page. I added greetings and stuff on the gizmoman on the author page
17/08/99 except for a few minor updates on the rpg page I haven't done anything besides the wgpage
30/05/99 this weekend I decided to make a whole new look for my homepage and so I changed every single page to add the graphical headings.
20/05/99 today I decided to add a freakshow page which is only just a rough sketch so ...
08/05/99 killed the people page and included that stuff on the alix (d/e) and added a few careers and several new movies(d/e) : filesize large [an error occurred while processing the directive]!!!
02/05/99 finally I decided to add all the links to the homepages that I received via the vampire-l ( (e) ) and I added a lot of movie critics not to forget the meaning of life.
28/04/99 updated some stuff about me and then decided to study some to go to sleep ...^^...
27/04/99 added a chapter to gonzo(d) and a few quotes to the rants and messed around with my french page because of someone, updated some movies
16/04/99 started writing down the last chapter of our vampire (e) will add the rest (the beginning) when I have time
12/04/99 Semesteranfang :( Well a couple new computer games and I am now adding comments to the movies and I am working on it will be complete sometime.
11/04/99 I added the (e)s and (d)s to make it easier to find the few English pages on my homepage (especially useful on the sitemap).
01/04/99 noone even tried to fool me something is wrong. well added the uhm schreckNet, changed a couple of pages: alix, rpg.
30/03/99 added movie critics of Patrick and updated Jan and Gerhard; ended up adding new bookmarks to the links page and whining some more (Gonzo Story)
28/03/99 updated movie critics with Mephisto and Ned Devine; added two chapters to gonzo
27/03/99 added our last session to the Blue Planetpage and made a separate document for Jane
26/03/99 added this news page so certain people who requested this can keep track of the changes I make; I merged the howto page with this page; added stuff to the blue planet page
25/03/99 updated and finished the schwarze auge page which includes now all the adventures we played so far
24/03/99 added two chapters to the gonzo story and added stats for my characters to the roleplaying page
22/03/99 made the fading suns page and the schwarze auge page
21/03/99 updated the computer page, minor change; made and added the blue planet page
20/03/99 added guestbook functionality and the vampire grammar for abulafia; started writing about the vampire campaign
18/03/99 I have too much time: I started to work on the homepage again, changed colors :)
07/01/99 added the roleplayingpage originally intended for vampire only and I redid the page about me
13/12/98 updated and verified links collection
12/12/98 added perl script for sitemap
1997-1998 added lots of things like most of the homepage, go to the sitemap to see it all
Dec 96 created the spaghetti page, the cocktailpage, the dessert recipes, the history and the links
Nov 96 created homepage, somewhere is a page about how this homepage got started in the first place

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