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ich bringe sie alle um, alle,
alle mages bringe ich um

vampire mage

or: Mampire: The Masquension united?

soon to become: Gehenna: The Approaching?

cast of characters

  • aisha, the assamite killer and her twin katanas(Stefan)
  • claire, the toreador poseur and her favorite designer? (Steffen)
  • cassandra, the setite plotter and her serpentine snakes (Sonja)
  • norman, the gangrelite gangrel and his cool red car (Gerhard)
  • august, the ventrue, his retainers and his dinner (Willi)

  • hagbard, the blind virtual adept and his laptop (Psycho)
  • , the Euthanatos (Daniel)

    HAVE FUN!!!

    Oh and here comes the snack: weird infos for the characters as I am adding them like I feel like it .... hehehehe!

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  • Author: S|S