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Per me si va nella citta dolente,
per me si va nell'eterno dolore,
per me si va tra la perduta gente.
Giustizia mosse il mio alto fattore:
fecemi la divina potestate,
la somma sapienza e il primo amore.
Dinanzi a me non fur cose create
se non eterne, ed io eterno duro:
lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate.

The Giovanni Chronicles i-iv

The Last Supper

"The Last Supper" has been finished. Because I ended up knowing on such short notice that we would play, i was not as well prepared as I had wished. Well here's the cast of players characters:

(Gerhard) Honk a Malkavian juggler and thief.

(Stefan) Asmodeus a Dominican monk turned into a Lasombra.

(Psycho) Hassan, an amnesiac saracene warrior who became an Assamite. >:->

(Daniel) Slavomira just a farmer's woman with a Brujah streak.

(Steffen) Philip(?) a disenchanted young nobleman who is now a ravnos.

(Sonja) Constanze aka Esclarmonde, a noblewoman and pilgrim who was embraced by the Followers of Set.

Part One was fun, especially the scene where the players realize they are not really here to be embraced but to serve as food for the vampires. I loved it. My players got quite scared that they did something wrong or that I was making fun of them. Geez that was cool. The sheep and the blood drinking was most interesting!

I should have taken more time though to prepare the individual harrowings, they lasted only shortly each time. The best one was the Assamite player's though because of the game, he liked it a lot. I think the Lasombra also got a bit scared. Too bad the Brujah was not there to get his Harrowing (the player was not available at that time!).

Later on I should have told them of all the choices they had, this is something that I should remember, because players rarely notice the many paths that lead to an end, they prefer being paranoid that the storyteller might want to kill them.

I just read that long speech Cappadocius made to them in English, because I could never ever have translated the text well enough I believe.

They did not save Japheth, which is sad in my opinion, but for once and the first and probably only time, they were scared of a fight.

transylvania chronicles part 1

We travelled to Buda Pest on behalf of our newly adopted Sires (our real ones are more dead than before now). There was some kind of work for us they wanted us to do. We were to build a fortress in the mountains to protect the road coming from the east.

We built it successfully despite the loss of our money (Vykos helped us there), met Anatole and Lucita, discovered some hidden treasure (a golden tablet with an ancient alphabet) and then became princes of several smaller cities around there.

Then we were sent out to rescue Transylvania from the demon Kuppalah and put certain runes on several castles built by a Nosferatu named Celios. Also on the Tremere chantry '?'. From Celios we got some strange book that we were able to translate with the golden tablet we found in the beginning

Some woman named Nova Arpat(?) had has do her a favor in the name of our Sires: we were supposed to rescue some jewelery that belonged to her. We managed only to get one piece, so we were degraded (lost the cities to more succesfull young vampires) and made up a plan to kill Nova Arpat as revenge.

transylvania chronicles part 2

This one was all about Vlad Dracul and the Anarch Revolt. Vlad Dracul was supposed to become a vampire and everybody wanted him and none dared at the same time.

But it all started out that we were supposed to escort Goratrix to the Tremere Chantry from which noone has ever returned. We met Tremere himself and he quite scared us too!

Blood and Fire

transylvania part 3

The Sun Has Set

Nuova Malattia

Werde ich nicht mehr leiten, da die Spieler schon jetzt gemeckert haben, dass sie nicht mit neuen characteren spielen wollen und weil ich nicht mehr will.


from the diary of Esclarmonde Trencavel de Carcassonne:

May 2nd, the year of Our Lord 1192 A.D.

What can I say, what can I think. I cannot think at all anymore, the last month, oh I wish it had all been another nightmare to wake up from in the morning ... but now there will not be another morning for me. My world has been turned upside down. Oh had I never wished for her death, this must be the punishment He wrought upon me for my thoughts.

Had I never met this man, had I never set foot upon the soil of Italy. Had I never thought of death, now it has caught up with me. How can I ever hope to return to my family? How dare I even think of them. Who are these people that I am forced to be with now. If it was not for Sean I would surely turn mad within days.

May 28th, the year of Our Lord 1192 A.D.

Sean my last hold on sanity, the last token of remembrance of my past that seems so long ago. I so hope he will stay with me, I could not bear to let him go now. He knows not of my condition yet. But how long can I keep this a secret. Do I want to live as walking dead? Dead unalive gone away from peace forever. I am even more different now from ordinary people than I could ever have been as Mistress of the castle of Toulouse.

The others are gone after that day at the monastery somehow everyone went their own way. I am more lonely now than I was with these hated companions. I am on my own. Finally and for good. Is that not what I always wished for? But I did never want to pay such a price.

July 4th, the year of Our Lord 1192 A.D.

I am still in the Carpathians. I cannot bring myself to leave this place. I cannot continue my quest to Jerusalem. Not now. Sean wants to go, he says and that is probably the truth that he cannot guarantee for my safety, even though he has probably no idea who the enemy is now. I have tried to explain to him but I do not know anything myself about me anymore.

July 14th, the year of Our Lord 1192 A.D.

Two days ago I killed a person. I was so hungry. I could not, wanted not to stop, I wanted to kill. I was drinking from him, feeling how his life was slowly draining away with every heartbeat; he was becoming weaker and weaker in my arms. Then when his heart finally stopped beating, I swallowed the last drops of his blood and I felt satisfied. I was already looking for another prey but a moment later a terrible guilt overcame me and I threw away the body fleeing into the night.

It was so easy to take from him the only thing he probably had: his life. I cannot understand what came over me. I think someone found him and hopefully buried him because he was not where I had left rather thrown him, when I returned on the next night.

July 20st, the year of Our Lord 1192 A.D.

Last night I met Philip, that young noble together with this mad juggler. They are also still here, maybe the same feelings that are keeping me here, keep them also. I am still trying to understand.

Philip and Honk seem to be taking things so much lighter. Maybe they know something I do not? But I did not dare ask them. I am scared of Honk, but Philip seems to be as nice as a monster like us can be. Maybe I should try to talk to them. They might help. I have now spent three months waiting for some kind of enlightment and I have received nothing, I have understood nothing. I feel lonely. Now that there are two of my former companions in the village maybe I should ask them to stay here with me. The world might be less lonely with some of my kind around?

August 1st, the year of Our Lord 1192 A.D.

Honk has gone off again to search for his troupe. Philip is out for the night, he said he was going hunting. I think I know what he means. Predator and prey. Do they know about our presence? Maybe we should go on to another village. Philip nearly always kills. I watched him once. Something that I also felt when I killed that man. But I have not killed since then.

Worse than killing are the changes inside me. I am growing distant. I still think of my family and Sean is still a good friend. I miss my brothers and even my father. I even sometimes cry about my mother. I feel guilt for her death. I do not believe anymore that this is my punishment after seeing and remembering the scenes in april, after talking to Philip. It is not.

No, but I have started to regard those around me the villagers, the guests in the Inn, the humans with new eyes. They are cattle, food, nourishment necessary for my survival. I would probably not mind killing as much as I did before: I will not put that to a test now. I have found that feeding off large animals is equally satisfying as from humans who I am trying to avoid meeting at all lately.

I do not want to kill.

September 6th, the year of Our Lord 1192 A.D.

It is already getting colder. Not that I mind the cold so much but for Sean the winter here will be hard: he has gotten used to the mild winters of southern France. My homelands. I want to go home. I want to know if my family is well. If they are all alive and happy or if some monster like me has without thinking drained their precious vitae. But there are too many things still unresolved too many questions to ask. And would I - as I am now - be welcome at home? Is it still my home? Would I be any happier there than I am here?

The winter will be cold, and the humans will stay in their houses. Hunting will be thrice difficult. We will starve and the danger of being discovered will grow with every day we need to spend in the Inn, we should truly move on before it is too late. A bigger city would be a lot better and there are still other dangers besides being discovered.

I have seen another, I think. One that I do not know. Seeing how MY sanity is slipping away, I do believe that this happens to all of our kind. We cannot die, I am told, only by force. When killing humans does not satisfy them anymore will they turn on their kind? I am scared. I still have the money my father gave me we could hire some guards to protect us. What good would they be though against others like us?

I have tried to explain to Honk and Philip that we need to leave before it is too late. They are not listening to me. They are too caught up in their little games of cat and mouse with the human mice in the village.

September 12th, the year of Our Lord 1192

I feel watched somehow. I know nothing for sure but I must finally convince the others to leave this place. I have heard rumors in the village that do not sound good either. There have died to many people. They must learn not to kill.

September 20st, the year of Our Lord 1192

After yesterdays attack we have decided to to find another place to stay. I would prefer to leave this whole country entirely but I believe that staying with the others offers at least some kind of protection. The attackers were only two and the three of us and Sean easily fought them off.

Sean was badly wounded in the leg. I hope that will heal alright. I wonder if the healing capacities I have gained could somehow also help him? I seem to remember something they told as down there in that dungeon but not quite? I must find out more about our kind.

First we need to get away from here. Fast.

October 3rd, the year of Our Lord 1192

Honk and Philip were quite happy to meet that Slavomira slut. I do not know what they find in her. She is just a peasant and ugly. Unrefined. Not even a rough diamond as they say. She had that weirdo with her the one without memory. I keep forgetting his name. The darkskinned one. I do not want them to stay with us.

The group is getting too large. And the dark one is far too conspicuous. But Philip does not mind. I would have to leave on my own and it is already cold and snowing all day and night it seems. I do not want to lose the others. Slavomira tells us that the monk stayed in the monastery - how fitting. This Asmodeus was one curious person, anyhow, but I bet he would be better company than Hassan and Slavomira. Hassan is his name. At least Asmodeus probably knows how to read and write and that is more than these fools know.

Even amidst so much company I feel sad and lonely. There is not one among them that I could even consider viewing as a friend or trust?

Conversation always revolves around the same topics: food and power. Why do men always want to rule the world? Just because all of a sudden they are able to kick their former masters butt why do they have to do it?

November 11th, the Year of Our Lord 1192

If it was fate that brought us all back together than Fortuna has surely abadoned me. How I despise them all. Especially that Slavomira. I hate her, the brute.

She cannot just overthrow rules that are hundreds of years old. She has no sense for traditions. She is so annoying. But I will show her, one night.

Author: S|S