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Wired Cooking LinX

Weird Wizards Cocktails
what to drink or how to get drunk our way if you really need some alcohol

Weird Desserts
if you feel hungry for sweets try this one here

Weird Noodles
the Weird Wiz Spaghetti Online Event, interesting new creations every once in a while

Recipes from all over the world, so you can eat for the rest of your life

Dinner for Two
eine menueiges online dinner wednesdaywise

Die Rezeptsammlung
Absolut Recipe? Who knows if this is the ultimate Recipe Collection on the web?

Some like it hot!

Another cooking database
Hier gibt es Hanfbroetchen??? Say some

Students Cooking
einfaches zuerst Studenten lernen kochen "Innen" auch?

Italian Special
stays to say: cook it, eat it and do it over

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