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Info: Flump The Weired Online Dictionnary new
Article: The Sun Also Rises a paper by S|S on the book by Hemingway new
Pers. Opinion: RZSTUD Benutzer student's homepages at the Uniofka new
Things: Purity Test The Programmers purity Test (E) new
Files: ABI special My grade, ABI 96 MGG Durlach new
Pictures: Ireland Beer Sign's of Ireland, more to come (E) new
Poetry: Two Poems an yet another poetry page (E) new
Poetry: Odysse of the empy pen a two minded poem (E) new
Poetry: 3 Poems Three poems by me (E) new
Article: Computer Adventures Funny (?) stories about computers new
Files: Wired Downloads cool things and less important things
Info: Alix MusiX for the strange souls who want to know my taste of music (E) new
Pers. Opinion: Games Computergamesratingbyme. (E)
Service: Cookietest ultimative Cookietest of "Doppelkeks" 1998 new
Homepage: meeeeiiiinnnns! S|S :-) (E)
Pers. Opinion: Top of the Bottom 20 What's hot, what's not?
Homepage: Wired Wizards hopefully strange (E)
Information: Click here to get here everything on one watch :) (E) update
Information: When where what try and find us here.
Things: Stadt-Land-Fluss ABC lists or what we did during INFO class
Artikel: History & Biography of this very homepage update
Pers. Opinion: Movies our rating for your convenience! update
Recipes: Cocktails Tip of the Day: der After Dinner Cocktail!
Research: Future Career our plans for the future, career ideas for everyone
Things: Birntoxicationdroge our alc&drug page update
People: Geeks, freaks nerds and others. Links to come soon!
Links: to everywhere we link the world (E) update
Information: Mensaessen The Uni Cafeteria: Der Chef de Cuisine empfiehlt: Stay away!
Recipes: Desserts my very special favorites.
Recipes: Spaghetti-saucen wild and/or eadible creations!


MIST? sdfsdgsgdgsdgsdg strange (E)
Information: O-Fase 97 eXtreme Therapy
Research: 23 reasons why Fabian left us
Tutorial: Frames we show you how it works :-> (E)
Article: Hanf Article from the newspaper on Hemp
Things: Vacation we are still looking for sponsors.
Information: Active X Controls YES we even have that! RadioActivX! (E)
Things: Beavis & Butthead heheheh! (E)
Tutorial: HTML everything we needed to make this homepage!
Interview: Geht es der heutigen Jugend besser? geschichtliches Dokument.

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