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Two Poems

I don't feel anything
I am empty
my heart is mute
no more butterflies
my stomach calmed down.

I came down from the
all of a sudden
the flight was over
I landed
back on steady ground

no more danger
but I landed in the desert
with no destination

where am I going?
what is my goal?
or am I just waiting
in the airport
for my connection
to paradise?
coming down from the mountains
fast and sudden
like lightning.

it was the end of the day
the magical time between
life and death
twilight crawling up the beach
brutally and unstopable.

the wind is taking you
away from my side
blows you out
into the deep darkness of the city.

and I am standing alone on the beach
watching the waves in the storm
rolling desperately to reach land
falling back lonely.

I miss you.

and the storm gains force
it is wild
and I can't control it.

one tear rolls down my soul
as I think of you
the storm reminds me of you.

I laugh
I dance as it starts raining
softly slowing down the wind.

Author: S|S