History is made at night.
Character is what you are in the dark.
Lord John Whorfin


You walk down the hall and open yet another door. Surprisingly enough there is a room behind this one and as you enter you notice that there are several people here.

the players of games

Medley, large medley has 120k

They seem to be playing some kind of game with dice and sheets of papers on which there are dots and numbers. They are not quite themselves and keep saying things like: "I am going to hit that thief with my sword." Luckily they do not have any real weapons with them or do they?

Games we play or have played

TitleDescriptionCompanyGodcurmy character
Vampire: the Masquerade (e) gothic punk world where you are a vampire and nobody's supposed to know White Wolf Sonja- not really, I'd like to be a Malkavian?
Das Schwarze Auge (d) German AD&D-like Fantasy, very classicalSchmitt Spiele?Patrick - Deirdre , an Illusionist, whose magic just never seems to work
Fading Suns (e/d) Medieval Science Fiction with PsionicsHolistic DesignPsycho1 Maya , a rather unsuccessful Reeves Lawyer
Blue Planet (e) Science Fiction without Psionics but with mystical aliens Biohazard GamesGerhard?Indiana Jane Croft - an EcoTerrorist
Vampire/Mage a crossover which will soon be separated into two games, hopefullyWhite Wolfseveralx I have finally played vampire myself for the first time - Cassandra: a Setite who is still evolving into a person.
Dark Ages I just bought the Last Supper, so this will be the Giovanni Chronicles hopefully I-IV this summer ...? White WolfMe and Stefan X May I introduce myself, I am Esclarmonde de Carcassonne.
Mage The Ascension A mage one shot with interesting paranoia levels. White WolfDaniel 1A Verbena and a doctor Myranda
Werewolf A werewolf one shot with a lot of dead players. White WolfWilli 1The Shadow Lord: Maureen
Wraith A one shot that X-overs with the vampire/mage White WolfWilli 1Killed by her friends? Laura
Feng Shui the hongkong action movie roleplaying game. Atlas GamesDaniel XMy name is Meilin Quan also called Katchoo, profession: Spy.
DSA die Zweite We have been waiting for this Campaign for 3 years! Schmitt SpieleRolland xYashima Hanfner, Akademie der Verwandlungn zu Tuzak.
Revolutions A Vampire Campaign exclusively by me. Starting hopefully this year. White WolfSonja xI am the Evil Overlord

vampire books I own (way too expensive this hobby and I am also playing MtG): vampire:the masquerade 2nd ed., vampire: the masquerade revised edition, clanbook malkavian, clanbook assamite, clanbook lasombra, chicago by night 1st ed., the vampire players guide 2nd ed., guide to the camarilla, guide to the sabbat, elysium, the anarch cookbook, hunters hunted, children of the inquisition, ghouls: fatal addiction, the inquisition, the players guide to the sabbat, the storytellers guide to the sabbat, dirty secrets of the black hand, the storytellers handbook, ashes to ashes, blood bound, the succubus club, milwaukee by night. dc by night, clanbook setite, clanbook tzimisce, children of the night, the last supper, blood and fire, clanbook giovanni, time of thin blood, world of darkness, the sun has set, the Ascension War(trilogy), nuova malattia, the storytellers guide, blood magic, mage revised, wien bei nacht, frankfurt bei nacht, mage second edition, mage storytellers screen, infernalism path of screams, WoD Mummy

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