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-- Conphusion is the ESSENCE of a computer scientist's life --

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weird linx ... try it or do it
six Sick linX
X cooking linx
yetiX & chaos & g'schwaetz
seCret linX :)
wIreD linX (E)
tha same LINK (E)
tha MISSing Link (E)
Rechts -LinXs
all you need to ...:
fuzzy logic
all you need for your computer science major: maybe this is the right solution for this problem, maybe it is not? Maybe someone will hire me, maybe noone will. Maybe I'll win the lottery, probably not!

windoze 95
all you need to crash your computer, a wonderful collection of GPFs - produced by the "Evil Empire" - soon to be published on your favorite page on the web! Don't miss it! Wait for further announcements of General Protection :>

poetry (E)
all you need to be really sad are those poems I wrote for my creative writing (E) class that I took in 1993/94 when I was in the USA with Alessia (E)

to get drunk: cocktails

all you need for your OS - because your OS is Linux (uni-KA) everything you think of and don't forget to check this one out, too: important!!!

all you need to DIE and maybe a little more ... check it out. But don't necessarily try it. FOR KIDS: don't try this at home! Well, at least not all of it.

all you need to do bad HTML and other bad things.
NEW: our especially for you frames-tutorial (E); this one might be a good tutorial on _ALL_ tags, too: Absolut Overkill

kommentierter Mensaplan
all you need to sUrvIVe or maybe not? No guarantee on this one!

all you need to know about the knew species known as "Doppelkeks" or "cookie"! The ultimate test! Try it - test it - eat them!

all you need to know about my school and my class, the class of 1996! The only place where you can download "ABI special", the 1996 MGG yearbook

all you need for writing interesting articles noone will understand. (E)

our "filOOsOfie" - what we think about

the world
the weather
... do you really wanna know?
General Protection
movie critics 
university and the rest of us
Reasons, why Fabian left us?
Music and Music and Music ...

our sOlutions to

gofer, caffeine, caba and life
Monthly Python
Esssssssseeeeen & Essembler
our_advice_on_life for programmer's and other weird/wired people
all your problems!
where you can find us any time of day!
how can you reach us- if u need help (from us???????)
Nervnervs >:->
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--- wArnIng: thIs hErE pAgE Is stIll UndEr dEstrUctIOn ---


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