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This is the page for my Unknown Armies campaign. Unknown Armies is a great game by John Tynes and Greg Stolze published by Atlas Games.

Some of the links below have [Spoiler] note! If you are a player in my campaign I would advise you do not read those pages, as there are things on those pages, that would ruin the campaign for you ...

My campaign resources:

My Unknown Armies resources:

Other Campaign Resources (besides this page)

Tall Guys Stuff: Tall Guy has made several really cool pages for the campaign, the downside is: they are only accessible with a password because my players have become so paranoid. Maybe Tall Guy will give away the password if you are nice to him.

Our community on Community Zero: Delusional Gaming. Since Community Zero Service now costs real money, we decided to stop using it.

And since for now we are playing via eMail, the mailinglist archivs are quite important, if you speak German go ahead: to the Mailinglist Archivs

Latest news: We have not been playing since April, since I started working for real on my diploma thesis which is now finished. I am working on a finale for the campaign and hope to be able to deliver another few evenings soon. But with two players having left Karlsruhe for good now it is going to be hard to find some time where everyone can attend. And of course I am waiting for my copy of second edition to arrive.

DISCLAIMER: Unknown Armies is copyright and trademark Greg Srolze and John Tynes, used under license by Atlas Games. The Atlas Games logo is a trademark of John Nephew. The use of these trademarks here is without permission, and does not constitute a challenge to the ownership of those properties.
Author: Yashima