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NPCs from the books. So far I have done the corebook, PoMoMa, LGaM and Statosphere. I added Hush Hush and from Weep I added the NPCs from the Green Glas Grail. THis is list is neither complete nor anything else.

Number of chars in this database: 112

List of Sourcebooks

Official NPCs from the UA Sourcebooks

101001101 (1)
Dukes (25)
House of Renunciation (9)
Mak Attax (7)
Order of St.Cecil (1)
Satan's Chosen Temple (4)
Team Salvation (7)
The Cult of the Naked Goddess (5)
The Dealership (4)
The Grail Knights (4)
The New Inquisition (20)
The Sleepers (16)
True Order of St.Germain (3)
UFO(Unififed Foreign Ontology) (4)


The Rahyab (Angel and Amir) - Oneiromancer Supreme [PoMoMa, page ]


Carthage - Manipulative Immortal [PoMoMa, page 180-182]

Comte de Saint-Germain [UA, page 186] [Sta, page 118-125]

Dermott Arkane - Godwalker of the Messenger [Sta, page 39-40]

Dirk Allen - Boozehound [UA, page 202]

Dmitri Carnovski - Godwalker of the Fool [Sta, page 36]

Donald Ramses - Godwalker of the Savage [Sta, page 36]

Dr. Henrietta Apoida - Just Plain Fake [UA, page 203]

Elijah McGillicuddy - Raving Loon [Weep, page Green Glas Grail 120]

Eustace Crane - The Skeptic [PoMoMa, page 184-185]

Fu Hsing Hwang - Tai Chi Master [PoMoMa, page 186-187]

Ibrahim al Masrah - Godwalker of the Executioner [Sta, page 36]

Jeeter - Weird Old Duke [UA, page 204]

Jordan Clay - Occult Entrepreneur [UA, page 204]

Lucy Watkins - Godwalker of the Flying Woman [Sta, page 36]

Mabel Rhinegold - Everybody's Pal [UA, page 206]

Mycroft "Mike" Fitzhugh - Dreamshop Proprietor [Weep, page Green Glas Grail 115-119]

Nero "Nicky" Fitzhugh - Freshly-Ex-Con [Weep, page Green Glas Grail 119-120]

Rome - Eternal Grognard [PoMoMa, page 180-181,183]

Selena Ramirez - Investigative Reporter [UA, page 205]

The Angel of Mercy (Vera Leitwinder) - Compassionate Soul [Weep, page Green Glas Grail 99-100]

The Freak - Godwalker of the Mystic Hermaphrodite [Sta, page 36]

The Nomad Raphael - Urban Shaman [PoMoMa, page 188-190]

The Street Phantom - Mysterious Threat [Weep, page Green Glas Grail 102-103]

Thorvald Drake - Godwalker of the Merchant [Sta, page 36]

Toshishiro Yamamura - Godwalker of the Masterless Man [Sta, page 36]

House of Renunciation

Alicia Chen - A Woman Awakened [Sta, page 113]

Cesar Costello - Agent of Cold Reflection [Sta, page 94]

Dawn Miller - Renunciation Counselor [Sta, page 99]

Ellison Blanke - Agent of Solace [Sta, page 112]

Lili Morgan - Agent of Renunciation [UA, page 186]

Steve Davidson - Receptionist and Leg-Breaker [Sta, page 100]

The Father - Agent of the Room of Ignorance [Sta, page 107]

The Man - Agent of the Room of Ignorance [Sta, page 105]

The Woman - Agent of the Room of Ignorance [Sta, page 106]

Mak Attax

Adele Cox - Pocket Enforcer, Gamma Crew [Weep, page Green Glas Grail ]

Derel Jackson - Hidden Master [UA, page 195]

Harvey Duopoulous - Burger-flipping Adept [UA, page 196]

Hector Garcia - Beatnik Burglar, Gamma Crew [Weep, page Green Glas Grail 112-114]

Maria Perez - Sin Eater, Gamma Crew [Weep, page Green Glas Grail ]

Monica Barberry - Manager and Mak Attaxer [UA, page 197]

Vince Jenkins - Cliomancer Victim [Weep, page Green Glas Grail 98-99]

Order of St.Cecil

Fr.Jose Carillo - Kicking Ass for the Lord [UA, page 201]

Satan's Chosen Temple

Josie Reed - Satanist Hanger-On [UA, page 201]

Rebecca DeGhoule - Satanic Leader [UA, page 200]

The Hellhound - Zoradull the Sumerian [Weep, page Green Glas Grail 108]

Thurston Joseph Walters - Satanist Wannabe [UA, page 200] [Weep, page Green Glas Grail 108]

Team Salvation

LuxusLexandra Davos - Amazon [PoMoMa, page 171]

Bryce McCain - The Night Watchman [PoMoMa, page 170]

David Hunter - Spacebrother [PoMoMa, page 173]

Mark Jorgenson - Speedfreak [PoMoMa, page 172]

Martin 'Marty' Davis - Paragon [PoMoMa, page 169]

Michael Stevens - The Atlantean [PoMoMa, page 171]

Wilson King - Talisman [PoMoMa, page 173]

The Cult of the Naked Goddess

Schelmine Deutsch - Priestess of the Naked Goddess [UA, page 189]

Chloe Greene - Acolyte of the Naked Goddess [UA, page 190]

Daphne Lee - Imperatrix [UA, page 187]

Hiram Ganz - Bodyguard to Daphnee Lee [UA, page 188]

Lucius Zarcia - Agent of the Naked Goddess [UA, page 189]

The Dealership

Helen Simpson - Contracts Specialist [PoMoMa, page 161]

Juan Martinez - Operations Manager [PoMoMa, page 161]

Julie Collier - Ill-fated Receptionist [PoMoMa, page 161]

The Bad Man - Dangerous Merchant [PoMoMa, page 160]

The Grail Knights

Joseph of Arimathea - Holy Child Finder [PoMoMa, page 164]

Lancelot du Lac - Relentless Questing Knight [PoMoMa, page 163]

Paracelsus - Alechmical Physician [PoMoMa, page 166]

Simeon bar Yohai - Scholar of the Divine Language [PoMoMa, page 165]

The New Inquisition

Adam Johanssen - The Hit Squad [LGaM, page 54]

LuxusLex Abel - Mastermind [UA, page 190]

Bernard Walters - Shrink [LGaM, page 65]

Cage - Reservist [LGaM, page 66]

Clarice Dominguez - The Hit Squad [LGaM, page 53]

Dale Chiswick - The Smart Patrol [LGaM, page 56]

Dena Kustoris - Samantha Spade [Weep, page Green Glas Grail 104-107]

Dr. Kaiyo Atsui - Shrink [LGaM, page 65]

Eponymous - Bodyguard to LuxusLex Abel [UA, page 191]

Jeremy Warren - Team Teamwork [LGaM, page 57]

Kim Naybors - The Weather Channelers [LGaM, page 60]

Mavra Piagetti - The Smart Patrol [LGaM, page 56]

Moonglow - The Weather Channelers [LGaM, page 62]

Officer Bob - Reservist [LGaM, page 68]

Pepper - Team Teamwork [LGaM, page 59]

Sandy Metcalf - Reservist [LGaM, page 67]

Stanley 'Tex' Chang - The Hit Squad [LGaM, page 52]

Uriel Sterne - The Weather Channelers [LGaM, page 62]

Vanessa Rhames - Team Teamwork [LGaM, page 58]

Violet McIntyre - Peon for the New Inquisition [UA, page 192]

The Sleepers

Agnes Flynn - Magickal Operative [HH, page 96-98]

Alice Rybak - Mundane Operative [HH, page 107-109]

Angela Forsythe - Sleeper [UA, page 198]

Antoinette Hamilton - Magickal Operative [HH, page 98-99]

Blake Winstead - Mundane Operative [HH, page 100-102]

Charles Hamilton - The Cabinet [HH, page 80-83]

Cletus Crowe - Sleeper and Cop [UA, page 198]

Daoud Mabsut - Bodyguard to Angela Forsythe [UA, page 199]

Gerlinde Unger - The Cabinet [HH, page 83-86]

Hidako Yamasongai - Magickal Operative [HH, page 91-93]

Joao dos Prazeres - The Cabinet [HH, page 86-88]

Joey Dunes - Mundane Operative [HH, page 102-105]

Lucifuge - The Black Dog [HH, page 90-91]

Oscar Collachi - Mundane Operative [HH, page 105-107]

Vernon Henshaw - Magickal Operative [HH, page 94-96]

Wu Zhanhan - The Cabinet [HH, page 88-90]

True Order of St.Germain

Darla Cooper - Captain in the TOSG Militia [UA, page 193]

Michael Hauser - Agent of the TOSG [UA, page 195]

Randy Douglas - President for Life of the TOSG [UA, page 193]

UFO(Unififed Foreign Ontology)

Horatio Bukowski - Exploring the Alternatives [PoMoMa, page 176]

Portia Jefferson - ET's Worst Nightmare [PoMoMa, page 179]

Samantha Halloway - Abductee [PoMoMa, page 177]

Stuey Pikwik - Omega Being [PoMoMa, page 178]

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Author: Yashima