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Just A Game specific characters: Ghosts. Explanation is still among the 'Todo' stuff and only in German. These ghosts are the souls of ancient wizards from the time of Solomon. There was a prophecy about Armageddon and Solomon and eight others decided to try to save the world from disaster. So they enacted a ritual which killed them all and banned their souls into 9 special vessels which were then hidden near Har Meggido the earthly site where Armageddon was supposed to take place. So instead of 99 there are only 9 vessels of Solomon. In the 1970s there was digging at Har Meggido and the vessels were found one after another. The names of these characters are mostly from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, most of them were so-called Forsaken...

Number of chars in this database: 9

List of Sourcebooks

The Ancient Wizards (9)

The Ancient Wizards

Ared Mosinel
This is the ghost that was before owned by von Hirschfeld and after that car accident the vessel was broken and now the ghost possesses A.V. and is slowly becoming aware.

Barid Bel Medar
currently noone knows where this one is.

Elan Morin Tedronai
If this one had not been crazy before it would be ... well since I have no idea yet how to tell my players what they can read I would rather not post it here.

Lillen Moiral
This is the vessel that Asghar and Anoush stole from the British museum.

Mierin Eronaile
This is the vessel that had been in the Har Meggido Museum for some time. Asghar managed to steal it from there on their - Anoush and him - trip to Israel.

Moerelle Dalisar
This is the ghost whose host is Tamara. The ghost has not yet become aware and Tamara only knows about it because the players have told her.

Nemene Boann
The first of the ghosts to make appearance as such in the campaign. She possesses Alexia and she has control. She appeared at Math Girl's party and tried to kidnap Tamara and A.V.. The latter left early so she went for Tamara. When Tamara escaped Nemene left and took Indiana with her. She nearly killed him once away from the party.

This is the vessel that the players found in the secret tempel in Har Meggido. After fooling Anoush they brought it to Karlsruhe with them. Now they do not know what to do with it.

Tel Janin Aelinsar
This vessel came to TNI after their agent - Jalloune Amzine - retrieved it from (?). There was a fight with someone from the Guardiani (Tara?) with lots of Magick use.

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Author: Yashima