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My selfmade npcs. Most of these are part of the Guardiani cabal which plays a major role in the campaign. But there are some others as well, especially now that the PCs start getting entangled with TNI.

Number of chars in this database: 58

List of Sourcebooks

Homebrewed NPCs for Just A Game

Clueless Ex-cultists (6)
Dukes (6)
Guardiani Cabal Karlsruhe (17)
Guardiani Cancello di Ganziro (3)
House of Renunciation (1)
The Clueless (9)
The Dead (6)
The New Inquisition (3)
The Unintroduced (5)

Clueless Ex-cultists

Ariane Zeelenberg
Former member of the cult, she left after it turned out that instead of some nice harmless new age occultism these people were into kidnapping and killing.

Carelia Norlander
Yet another cult member, she was only a novice they last heard of her. She has left the cult when she heard what happened to Doro and somehow managed to connect it to the cult.

Marit Lambrecht
A former member of the Karlsruhe cabal of the Guardiani. She has vanished. She is back as a member of TNI, she barely survived the Phantom episode though after an unlucky run-in with the players and after all she lived in the same house as Marie Sulani which the players torched.

Michaela e
Yet another former low-rank cult member.

Per G Vendelin
Yet another low-rank cult member. He has learned a little magick from one of the cult's adepts, but because of the weird shit happening lately he is considering to quit.

Thilo van Auch
A low-ranking member of the cult. He has not been at any of the cults meetings of late. It seems like he has decided that his studies of architecture at the University of Karlsruhe are more important.


Real-life friend of the players, I used him to involve the players into the campaign. He was a novice to the Guardiani and a student of Iris. He is also one of those possessed by one of the ghosts.

Cassandra Feinblatt
I wanted her to embody Cassandra, the prophetess, to whom noone listens. Well it did not quite work out. Anyhow she is the ex-girl-friend of Asghar and has a daughter - Sarah - by him. She is now living and working in Hamburg. She was nearly killed by Asghar at the Frankfurt Airport. MourningDragon stepped between them and managed to get the gun pointing somewhere in the air.

Dorothea Schilling
Used to be a member of the Guardiani. She left after suffering a severe heart attack caused by a magickal attack. She was working with Lili to find out what was going on in the cult. So she met Tall Guy in early 2000, when she was about to warn him about the kidnappings, she was attacked.

Florian Pancrazio Zamarilla
Former member of the Guardiani, he left the cabal for unknown (to the players) reasons. The players have been guessing that he is the one mentionned as 'Chronos' in Anoush's diary. And they may yet be right. From Andratti they learned that he is a mean evil old guy who is into death-magic.

Iris Aigner
She supposedly left the Guardiani after discovering what they were doing to A.V.. She was A.V.'s mentor and fell in love with him despite the 10-years age difference.

Theresa Andratti - Knowledge-able Adept
Sister of Fabricio Andratti, she is an adept and the players visited her on their search for occult knowledge. She told them more than she should have I guess.

Guardiani Cabal Karlsruhe

Alexander von Maas - Servant of the Cabal
One of the three people inside the Karlsruhe Cabal who actually know something off what they are doing. He has been trying to find out more about the Hastur prophecy.

Alexia Kuszmann - Possessed by Nemene
Alexia is Anoush's girl-friend. She came to the Guardiani through Tara. The last the players know is that one of the ghosts - Nemene - is possessing her. Since then she has become cruel and ruthless.

Anoush Mehani - Occult Inheritance
Brother of Kyian who came with the Talanqani family to Germany. He joined the Cult very early on and was part of the digging at Har Meggido.

Asghar Talanqani - Evil Overlord?
Asghar is the son of Darya und Kyian to Persians who emigrated to Germany in the 1960s.

Chandran - The Man in Black
The players have identified this guy as the evil overlord who seems to be responsible for all those awful things that have happened.

Cosima Styger - Mistress of Novices
She was responsible for the newly recruited novices when there were any. Other she has founded the rpg club which organized the LARP during which GM Scharf vanished.

Dennys de Vreese
Yet another low-rank cult member.

Eike Reichers
Another low rank member of the Guardiani. He was one of the people who organized the LARP where the players first came in contact with the cabal.

Esther is a student of philosophy and was always interested in 'New Age Stuff' and the occult in general. She joined the cult out of curiosity when she heard about it from a friend (Alexia).

Eva Lohse
Yet another low-rank cult member. Monique has been teaching her Urbanomancy. Eva is a very quick learner and since she is mayor of a middle-sized town ...

Felix Jahnet
Yet another low-rank cult member.

Kaspar Brenner
Yet another low-rank cult member.

Krischan Cerfas

Monique Gillich - Priestess
She has been with the Guardiani for some time. She came to Karlsruhe on demand of Tara. Before she had been in Genua. Since her attunement is to another city she is next to powerless in Karlsruhe, but she has been teaching Eva!

Nora Isselsteen - Keeper of Rites
Yet another cult member

Raphael Hegel
A low-to-middle rank member of the cult. He is also a member of that rpg-group that did the LARP in the Just A Game episode.

Tara Jememin
Archaeologist, who has been a member of the Guardiani for a very long time. She seems to be about 30 years old. Though even from what the players know she must be at least in her 40s.

Guardiani Cancello di Ganziro

Benjamin Haas
Used to be in Karlsruhe, has left this cabal to join the one in Genua.

Carina Viviane Alighieri - Foundation Member
Went to Genua

Gregor Klug
Went to Genua with Carina.

House of Renunciation

Lili Mencke - Agent of Renunciation
She is an official NPC actually also known as Lili Morgan. Lili is currently investigating the Guardiani, she thinks they are rather dangerous especially since their plot about the vessels is seemingly starting to work.

The Clueless

Alaleh Jalili
Working for Anoush.

Schelmines Scharf - Gamemaster
A reallife friend of the players. He was abducted during the 'Just A Game' episode. He simply vanished during some weirdo fake ritual only to reappear a couple of days later with a huge head-ache.

Angelika Schilling
Mother of Doro. Always worried about her daughter.

C. von Hirschfeld
He owned - unwittingly - one of the vessels, he was about to sell it to someone when he had a car accident in which the seal of the vessel was broken. He fled the accident not knowing who he had nearly killed. Thus it was later hard for the Guardiani to reconstruct who had become host of that ghost: A.V..

A real-life friend of the players

Horatz von Melitz
University professor of archaeology. He was the leader of the digging at Har Meggido in 1977. He is Tamara's uncle. The players got some information from him about the vessels. The vessels are an unsolved riddle for von Melitz which he wants to solve.

Lutz Kenter - District Attorney
After Simon Feinblatt died, Lutz Kenter became Karlsruhe's new district attorney (Staatsanwalt?). He is currently investigating the tax fraud case of Egger and Partner as well as the kidnapping and murder in which Anoush and Asghar were involved.

Peter Egger - Walking the Line
Partner of Asghar, he has been involved in some transactions which were rather in the dark-grey areas of the law.

Mr Raver
A real-life friend of the players, he was also abducted during some rave. He never even really found out what happened at that rave.

The Dead

Schelmines Villar
A former cult member. He died shortly after leaving the Guardiani. His breaks supposedly did not work and he died in a car accident.

Chris Feinblatt
Wife of Simon Feinblatt who was murdered mysteriously. LuxusLex was the last who saw her, though he only remembers dimly what happened when he was with her. He found himself in the park after the encounter. Her body was found in the river Rhine several days after she vanished. Chris had been a member of the Guardiani since 1993

Twin-brother of Chandran. He died at the hands of his brother during the kidnapping episode at ZKM.

Marie Sulani
She helped with the analysis of Miss Chocolatecake. She was the street phantom and the players killed her rather gruesomely (Tall Guy). She turned out to be a member of TNI.

Olivier Nicollet
A middle-rank member of the Guardiani, he died during the kidnapping episode after MourningDragon put a knife in his foot. The reason for his death was found later: probably because of the pain he had a severe heart attack.

Simon Feinblatt
Simon Feinblatt was the district attorney who was investigating the tax-fraud case of Egger and Partner. He died of a heart attack at the rather young age of 36(?). His wife Chris was a member of the Guardiani and was murdered about a year later.

The New Inquisition

Fabrizio Giacomo Andratti
A former member of the Guardani. He left the cabal shortly before they could find out he was actually a spy for TNI who had helped Jalloune Amzine obtain the vessel. Now he is trying to help the players with information.

Jalloune Amzine - TNI Headhunter
He was born in Northern Africa in Morocco as a son of poor people. Now he is working for LuxusLex Abel as a headhunter. How he got there few know. He was mentionned in Anoush's diary. And now he showed up again as one of the two hit-men who helped out Marie Sulani and Marit Lambrecht during the Green Glas Grail episode.

Marit Lambrecht
A former member of the Karlsruhe cabal of the Guardiani. She has vanished. She is back as a member of TNI, she barely survived the Phantom episode though after an unlucky run-in with the players and after all she lived in the same house as Marie Sulani which the players torched.

The Unintroduced

BH - The Punk
Just another punk hanging with the gang at Berlin Plaza

Gernot Kronenberg - Competent Librarian
Just a librarian in Karlsruhes surely largest library. He is very knowledgeable concerning rare books.

Marius Ozera - Unimportant Mafioso
Just an unimportant gangster who has been working for the Mafia of late. He has been seen with Peter Egger.

Marlene Becker - Bookstoreowner
Owner of a small bookstore which mainly sells occult and New Age stuff.

Prof.Dr. Prospero Zanetti - (Self-claimed) Expert on Ghosts and Summonings
Self-claimed expert. But he has been giving the talks for so long that he has started believing his own lies - or what he believed were lies. Especially since he has seen proof once or twice. (He was T-Joe from GGG). He was killed by Marie Sulani.

DISCLAIMER: Unknown Armies is copyright and trademark Greg Srolze and John Tynes, used under license by Atlas Games. The Atlas Games logo is a trademark of John Nephew. The use of these trademarks here is without permission, and does not constitute a challenge to the ownership of those properties.
Author: Yashima