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Before It Began
Bill in Four Persons
Stranger Occurrences
Just A Game
First Contact
Prophetic Dreams of Cassandra
The Doors Experience
Death in the Museum
Magick is not a game
Trip to Armageddon
Ghosts at the Party
What now?
The Green Glas Grail

Before It Began


Events that took place before the players showed up

2000BC   Solomon and Friends
A powerful wizard (Solomon) and his 8 friends enact a ritual which bans them into the 9(9) famous vessels of Solomon. They are supposed to help fulfill a prophecy that might turn around Armageddon. The vessels are then hidden around 'Har Meggido'. A secret cult of guardians is given the task to keep the vessels and the knowledge of them safe until they are needed.
around 1500AD  
The vessels have been forgotten, the prophecy is lost. The guardian cult has been scattered, some later joined another cult. The last pieces of their knowledge came into the hands of the cult today known as Guardians of Ganzir a death cult based in Italy.
1969   Anoush
Anoush becomes a member of the cult when his father dies. He inherits the knowledge and membership from him.
1970   Anoush, Asghar
The first of the main-characters enter the scene in the early 60s. Asghar and Anoush still live in Teheran with Asghar's parents. In 1970 they emigrate to Germany.
1970-1974   Asghar, Anoush
The first years in Germany are hard on the family. The Talanqanis live in Stuttgart. Asghar goes to school. Anoush starts working as car-mechanic?
1977   Horaz von Melitz, Anoush, Tara
In 1977 an archaeological digging is taking place at Har Meggido under Horaz von Melitz. Anoush and Tara take part in the digging. Anoush meets Tara here for the first time.
1977   Horaz von Melitz, Tamara
In October of the same year von Melitz opens one of the vessels. The ghost possesses Tamara whose mother was there: pregnant.
The eight vessels that were found are sold to anonymous buyers at a Sotheby's auction.
1979   Anoush
Anoush attains a higher position within the cult, he is now of the 5th grade. A year later he joins the cabal under Chandran and the Invisible One.
1981   Asghar
In 1981 Asghar graduates from 'Gymnasium' (highschool).
1981-1987   Asghar, Cacy
After graduation Asghar starts studying economics at the University of Karlsruhe. He has to work night-hours to finance college. Early on he meets Cacy who becomes his girl-friend.
1982   Alexia
Somehow Alexia becomes possessed when someone opens another of the vessels.
1985   Tara
Tara starts working at the 'Ritual of Awakening'
1987   A.V.
In a car accident with C. von Hirschfeld another vessel breaks and A.V. becomes possessed by the third ghost. A.V. is in a coma for 5 days after the accident.
1987-1990   Asghar
Asghar gets a stipend for further studies after his diploma thesis. He writes his PHD Thesis about 'Spieltheorie'
1992-1996   Asghar
For four years Asghar works for the 'Deutsche Bank'.
1996   Asghar, Cacy
Cacy breaks up with Asghar when she finds out about Tara.
1992   Anoush, Asghar
The Talanqanis find out that Kiyan has cancer. Anoush quits his current job to live with his brother and help out with the shop.
1993   Tara, Asghar, Cacy
Through Anoush Tara and Asghar meet. Asghar does not like her a lot at first. But that quickly changes. Cacy openly shows her dislike of Tara and this is the year that her relationship with Asghar starts breaking up.
1994   TNI
TNI gets one of the vessels from the heirs of the owner Kilian Midwinter.
1995   Zamarilla
Zamarilla vanishes.
1996   Asghar
Asghar starts his own company together with Peter Egger. They want to go into consulting. Asghar calls himself Brian Reegenman.
1997   Tara
Tara finds out that Alexia is possessed by one of the ghosts.
1998   Guardiani
Tara finds out that A.V. is possessed by one of the ghosts.
Tara finishes the ritual for the awakening of the ghosts and proceeds to prepare for the first tests with the finished version.
1999   Asghar
Kiyan dies of his cancer. Anoush sells the shop and starts working for Antares under the namem of Steve O'Meirean. With Kiyans death Tara manages to get more influence on Asghar.
1999   Iris, A.V.
In November A.V. met Iris and in January 2000 he joined the cult. He has been learning from her how to work magick with a knife (Epideromancy)
1999   Hirschfeld
Hirschfeld sells the empty vessel for a lot of money to some unknown buyer. The buyer must not have known the vessel was empty. A few weeks after the deal Hirschfeld is found dead in his house - murdered in a rather cruel ritual-like way.

Bill in Four Persons


The scenario from the book with MourningDragon as Bill and therefore a fourth scene where MourningDragon is himself at a Gaming convention.

  Indiana, LuxusLex, Tall Guy, MourningDragon
Bill in the Supermarket: at first they are too scared and so this version of MourningDragon manages to flee. Indiana gets his twin.
  Indiana, LuxusLex, Tall Guy, MourningDragon
Bill the Adept: here they start noticing things. Though they are quite disgusted with the adept. Tall Guy wants to call the police and ends up with a twin even though they keep the adept from the car wreck - this MourningDragon kills himself when the cops show up. Nice scene with Tall Guy tied to the bed in MourningDragon's house and later in the closet with some piece of metal for a weapon.
  Indiana, LuxusLex, Tall Guy, MourningDragon
Bill the Prophet: This one does not get away. It all ends with lots of violence.
  Indiana, LuxusLex, Tall Guy, MourningDragon
Bill is MourningDragon: This was at a gaming convention and Tall Guy proceeded to let the air out of the tires of MourningDragon's car in the end someone took a train home with MourningDragon.

Stranger Occurrences


Each player had something weird happen to him. On the 'still to sort out' page are some german texts on the preludes, since they were all done via email there is a lot of text for some.

February 8, 2000   Indiana
Indiana Birthday Party
March 2000   MourningDragon, Cacy
MourningDragon's Weird Dreams
22.1.2000   Tall Guy, Doro
Tall Guy meets Doro at a party
29.1.2000   Tall Guy, Doro, A.V.
Going to the Disco ... (Katakombe)
11.2.2000   Tall Guy, Doro
Doro tries to warn Tall Guy of something and nearly dies of a heart attack.
15.2.2000   Mr Raver , Esther
Mr Raver meets Esther at a rave and cannot remember what happened later, he was suffering bad headaches afterwards.
7.4.2000   LuxusLex, Chris Feinblatt
LuxusLex' Beautiful Sunday in the Park, he is having a terrible headache just like Mr Raver s.
14.4.2000   Chris
Chris Feinblatt vanishes. She is later found dead.

Just A Game


The players went to a Fantasy Larp at Castle Schoeneck. Some weird and frightening things happened, when the game all of a sudden was more than just a game. The title chapter of course ... a friend of theirs vanished during a ritual which was part of the game - but which game?

The Game Begins
Towards the Castle
The Prisoners
Just A Game: The Ritual
GM Scharf Returns

First Contact


During this episode the players find out about A.V. becoming an epideromancer and about the cabal he wants to become a member of.

Tall Guy Meets Lili Mencke
Indiana Gets a Pretty Present
Indiana Meets Iris
Cultist Need to Socialize Too
To Twin or not to Break In
Discovery of the Evil Twins

Prophetic Dreams of Cassandra


Obviously this Cabal the 'Guardiani' are some rather evil guys and for some reason some dreams of MourningDragon start coming true.

Lili at the Airport
Asghar Shoots Cacy

The Doors Experience


Some weird Indian guy shows up and declares he wants to help. His name is Indran, he says he knows about the reason for those kidnappings. The next is supposed to be Miss Chocolatecake and to protect her they must go to a certain place.

Who Is Next
Miss Chocolatecake and Indran
Who Is Indran
Attack at the House

Death in the Museum


The Guardiani plot revenge. In order to scare the players of Yashima and Doro are kidnapped. They are held at the ZKM a museum in Karlsruhe. The players and Lili try to go there, Indran follows and is killed by his brother.

Rousseau On The Wall
Yashima and Doro Kidnapped
The Archaeology Exhibition
Chandran's Trap
The Law

Magick is not a game


While those responsible for the kidnapping have escaped the players have to answer a lot of questions all of a sudden. But by asking others questions too they can learn a lot. Most of all they find out through Theresa Andratti an Italian Cliomancer.

Meeting Cacy
A.V.'s Coma
Meeting von Melitz
McDonald's Demonweek
Meeting Theresa

Trip to Armageddon


After returning from Italy they get a tip from Fabricio Andratti that two of the cultists are planing a trip to Har Meggido where the vessels had originally been found. Tall Guy and MourningDragon decide to follow the cultists to Israel even when they suddenly find out that it is not just any cultists but actually Asghar and Anoush!

Moppe Explodes
They Have a New Look
The Vessel of Har Meggido
The Diary of Anoush
The Secret Temple
... To Fool Them All

Ghosts at the Party


While MourningDragon and Tall Guy are on the way to Israel, in Karlsruhe Indiana and Tamara get closer and Math Girl is preparing for the party all the time wondering what happened on that day from which her memories are missing ...? At the party her world gets turned upside down. All of a sudden her guests behave like they ate tons of space cookies and some LSD on top. Except for two of them. Alexia and Sabine.

Math Girl's Missing Memories
Tamara and Indiana
Tamara and A.V.
Alexia Appears
Indiana' Death

What now?


Currently my players are all sitting in my kitchen in-game. They are trying to find out what all the stuff they know now means. They want to find a way to stop the cult from whatever their plan is and ... well we shall see.

Yashima's Kitchen

The Green Glas Grail


The scenario from one shots. Here's in short what I am doing with it. (This is the point where the campaign got hung up for half a year). I renamed several NPCs so the scenario would fit my campaign. Themes: Mystery/Interaction Plot Elements: Homeless/Unnatural Phenomena/Pass the Bottle/Love Triangle Phantom: Marie Sulani (Split Personality) NPCs used: Marie=Dena, Eliah, Mike F., Nicky F. T-Joe=Zanetti, Hellhound

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Author: Yashima